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Last Updated: Oct 14, 2016 06:46AM PDT

What does it mean?


This article is a run down of all of the error messages that you might encounter in the Extractor workflow. We want you to know whats going on.

If you run into an error in the tool, you will be directed to this article for a quick debrief on what happened!

Hmmm… there doesn’t seem to be anything on this page 

A.k.a. 404. Basically, the web URL you have tried to access is not available. It could have simply been a typo, a broken or dead link on a website, a temporary connection loss to the server, or it just plain doesn’t exist! Check it in another browser to make sure it does work, and then try again.

Oh! It looks like this page is not available for data extraction at the moment 

A.k.a. 403. The website you are trying to use with the tool has temporarily blocked you from accessing the webpage. This can happen if the website is getting too many hits from one IP address. They tend to do this to protect against non-humans, and it is their decision to do this - the best we can advise is to try again later!

Sorry! This website is not compatible with

It's a big World (Wide Web) out there and not even can work with every single website available. Nevertheless we are working tirelessly every day to increase our coverage and over time you will see this message less and less. 

Whoops! Make sure to use the exact URL of the page where your data sits doesn’t work like a search engine where you navigate to your data and then click go - you need to use the URL of the webpage that contains the data you are interested in. So, rather than type or into the URL bar, navigate to the webpage you want in your browser first, then use that URL!
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