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Last Updated: Aug 11, 2016 09:25AM PDT

This article outlines the basic column actions. For advanced options, visit the advanced article page here.

Add Columns

It's really easy to add new columns in an Extractor, by hitting the 'add column' button in the top right hand corner of the Website view:

Or on the mid-right hand side of the Data view:



Everything you do auto-saves to make your life easier, but you can easily undo and redo your actions:

You can even use the keyboard function CMD+Z as a shortcut!

In the Data view

In the Data view of the Extractor you can name/rename columns by clicking on the headings, or edit/view and delete them by clicking the drop down next to the name.

Clicking edit/view will take you to the Website view, where you can add data to your column. Not sure how to add data? Click here.

In the Website view

Your selected column hovers over the webpage to allow you to see how the corresponding data from the webpage is represented in the column.

Column functions in Website view:

Name column
Simply click on the default name and type your own. 

Collapse column
If the column is covering data that you need to click on, you can collapse it. Click on the arrow hat to the left of the column name.


If you want to keep the column, but start adding data from scratch.

Remove a column that you don’t want any more.
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